Our history, your story

At Taboo Muskoka we believe that a great resort experience goes beyond a perfectly fluffed pillow, manicured golf greens and a great meal. For us, it's about feeling genuinely welcome each time - and any time - you connect with us. It's all about having the freedom to do what you please when it pleases you. Or maybe the pure pleasure of doing nothing at all.

Muskoka roots, modern outlook

Taboo Muskoka has been welcoming guests to the shores of our stunning Lake Muskoka location since 1926, first as the Muskoka Beach Inn, when guests mainly arrived by horse and buggy from the Gravenhurst railway station, and then from 1959, as the Muskoka Sands. Since 1984, the resort has been part of the Great Gulf Group of Companies, one of North America's top real estate organizations, and a labour of love for the Reisman family, who have expanded and transformed our destination for 21st-century living while retaining our unique character.

The landmark Ron Garl designed Taboo golf course opened in 2002, a major milestone in Muskoka's emergence as a top North American golf destination and the next step from the Sands, our original 9-hole golf course designed by legendary Canadian golf course architect Stanley Thompson. The catchy Taboo name stuck and was soon embraced by the entire resort.

At Taboo Muskoka we are proud of our unique balance of boutique hotel and expansive resort, a combination that perfectly reflects both our legendary surroundings and our modern style. Taboo Muskoka strives to be local in the very best sense of the word.

Make yourself at home

Most of all, we know that our team runs the hotel, but you, our guests, run the show. Here, at Taboo Muskoka, every traveler has the chance to go, to do, to explore - or do nothing at all.  It is all about your relaxation and enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting and staying with us at Taboo Muskoka.