For many years, conversations around the campfire have shaped humanity. It's believed that the first campfire was documented around 1.6 million years ago! The campfire has long been a symbol of community, as it provides light, warmth, and heat to cook food. In ancient history, campfires were often used as beacons to send signals to far away lands. Today, bonfires are a staple of Muskoka, a simple and warm way to end your long day spent outdoors at the beach or on the lake.

Taboo Muskoka has long kept the tradition of campfire camaraderie, join us at the firepit each night in July & August to mingle with other guests, roast a s'more, or watch the fading sun. Share a photo of your best s'more or campfire smile on social media. Don't forget to tag us @taboomuskoka and hashtag #ExploreTaboo.