Discover the unexpected.  Unearth wild secrets.  Get off the beaten path.  Taboo Muskoka nature trails are yours to explore.

Rooted in a proud, century long heritage of Muskoka wilderness hotels and resorts, Taboo is here to share the wonders found throughout nature with you.  The woodlands of our 1,000 acre Ontario resort are filled with forests of old pine and ancient oak, spectacular Canadian Shield rock ridges and beaver ponds, birds and wildlife.

Nature trail system
Whether you tackle Taboo Muskoka’s terrain in running shoes, hiking boots, or on a mountain bike, there is always something cool to see on Taboo’s over 8 km of diverse hiking trails and 5 km of mountain bike trails.  Handy, pocket sized Taboo trail maps will help you find your way.

Whatever path you choose, we'll see you down the trail at Taboo.


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