Make the most of your Taboo Muskoka stay with our guided outdoor adventure tours.  Year-round resort programs range from summer hikes and boating to photography sessions and snowshoeing. Get outside and explore with us!




Wonders of the Universe

Let the heavenly bodies that fill the night sky mesmerize, guide and inspire as our expert Resident Naturalist, Robin Tapley, shares his in-depth knowledge of astronony with you.  Learn how to spot the famous constellations. His top-of-the-line field telescope reveals objects 10,000 time fainter than what is visible to the naked eye.

Summer astronomy sessions start June 28


A trek for every interest & schedule

Explore Taboo's over 8 km of nature trails with an expert guide.  From a refreshing 30 min. Morning Trail Walk to a Landscape & Nature Photography session on foot, or our famous Night Walk & Owl Prowl, choose the adventure that moves you.  They are all a great chance to learn about trees, wildlife, eco-systems and even foraging.

Many hikes are included with your stay


Out on the water, classic Canada style

Paddle your way along the shoreline of Lake Muskoka or the nearby Hoc Roc River while your guide shares Muskoka nature, history and culture with you, including unique attractions like the Eleanor Island bird sanctuary.  Introductory canoe/ kayak sessions are offered before our guided outings.

Taboo guests can also borrow canoes & kayaks at our docks


Around Lake Muskoka & to Gravenhurst

Take a 60 or 120 min. trip around Lake Muskoka to check out some fabulous "cottage country" cottages, practice nature photography or visit Millionaires Row.  Additional trips to Gravenhurst Wharf include the Wednesday famers' market or admission to the Muskoka Boat and Heritage Museum, also known as "Grace & Speed."

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Seasonal presentations with a naturalist

Explore cool topics with our Resident Naturalist Robin Tapley or another subject expert.  One of our most popular Taboo summer sessions is Myths & Legends of the Black Bear.  Learn how these storied animals exist in areas of increasing population, what they eat, the work behind raising their cubs, and what the big deal is with that whole hibernation thing 

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Resident Naturalist Robin Tapley

Driven by curiousity, a passion for all kinds of outdoor adventure, a love of Ontario pioneer history and enough energy for 10, Robin Tapley leads our  Taboo adventure team.  An internationally respected eco-tourism expert, our Muskoka guru has also led expeditions around the globe - to Antarctica, Mongolia, even  Everest. 

CheckRobin's nature #photo tweets @TabooResort and post yours!

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