Social Responsibility & Donations


At Taboo Muskoka, we are committed to helping support strong Muskoka and Southern Ontario communities. Our resort social responsibility program, Taboo Cares, is our way of demonstrating this commitment across the places where we live and work.

Donation requests

Although most requests for donations are very worthy, due to volume of submissions and limited resources, Taboo Muskoka can only support a very small portion of the requests we receive.

Donation guidelines

Please note that Taboo Muskoka only generally provide resort stays and golf rounds. Monetary donations and paid charitable sponsorships are not usually granted.

Your organization must be operating as, or in conjunction with, a registered non-profit. Past support of an organization or event is not a guarantee of ongoing contributions. Applications must be submitted for each event. Taboo Muskoka is not able to support:

  • Political causes, organizations or events
  • Religious organizations, programs or events
  • Private schools, public schools, pre-schools, daycare facilities
  • Sporting events and teams including sponsorships of individual athletes
  • Conferences or tours
  • Organizations requesting funds for general operating costs
  • Trips & travel
  • Individuals

Donation request submissions

All donation requests must be received electronically, through the Taboo Muskoka Donation Request Form that follows below, a minimum of 45 days prior to your event date. Unfortunately, we cannot process requests that aren’t received electronically or respond individually.

We do appreciate your interest in Taboo Muskoka and you taking the time to contact us.


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Beneficial Charity/Organization*

Organization Hosting Event

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Silent Auction Door Prize Raffle Live Auction Other

Number of event guests expected



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